• 1:1 Budgeting and Spending Session

1:1 Budgeting and Spending Session

Take a deep breath, then take a deep dive into your daily expenses with a financial planner. (No really, it’s going to be great.) In this 30-minute 1:1 call, you’ll create a full spending plan together and find creative ways to look at big budget challenges. Your planner will follow up with a specific (but realistic) one-page budget plan for paying your bills, spending, saving, investing, and non-monthly expenses. Aka everything. 💸 *United States residents only.

Meet the CFP® pros: Rachel S. is Ellevest’s lead financial planner. She has an MS in financial planning + 15 years as a money coach. Rachel R. is all about financial wellness as a powerful tool for changing lives. She has 15 years of experience and a background in counseling and education.

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