• 1:1 Career Transitions

1:1 Career Transitions

Maybe you lost your job recently. Maybe you’re heading into (or out of) parental leave. Maybe you’re looking to set yourself up in a new role or industry. In this package of two 30 minute 1:1 calls, your career coach will work with you to discover the specific workplace and career challenges you’ll be tackling and craft the best next steps to thrive through your transition. (PSA: This one’s focused on career strategy, so it won’t cover the financial part of your career change.)

Meet your coaches: Lead Executive Career Coach Gala Jackson is committed to helping you tap into your strengths, earn more, and advance your career with courage, clarity, and confidence. Gala is an executive leadership and career coach, career and talent development coach, and life coach with a master’s degree in educational leadership. She’s also a TEDx speaker. 

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Ellevest Essential:$240

Ellevest Plus:$210

Ellevest Executive: $150

  • $300.00