• 1:1 Career Coach Q&A

1:1 Career Coach Q&A

  • $125.00

Membership Discount: Ellevest Essential: $100, Ellevest Plus: $87.50, Ellevest Executive: $62.50

If only you could call up a career expert and ask her anything about how to advance, thrive, or push through a stuck moment or challenging situation. Oh, wait! You can. 

In this 30-minute 1:1 coaching call, you’ll ask questions and dive into whatever topic feels most critical to you. You’ll walk away feeling supported and energized, with solid advice on the best next steps for your situation. *United States residents only

Career coach Stephenie Girard is Ellevest’s lead executive coach. Her mission is to help people find even more meaning in what they do every day. She’s an ICF-accredited certified coach with a Professional Coach Certification (PCC), and is a facilitator and coach at Harvard Business School.